If you value quality watch at affordable prices, I want this to be the perfect site for you.

I am launching this blog as a community for the hardworking, frugal-minded, everyday man (or gal!) that loves watches.

You could be…

  • Searching for an affordable watch to fit your budget.
  • Considering buying for your first watch, but don’t know where to begin.
  • A watch enthusiast that doesn’t want overspend on watch because of a brand name.
  • A inspiring watch collector looking to add different styles to your collection without sacrificing value.
  • Aggravated with over-marketed fashion watches, that deliver poor quality watches at inflated prices.
  • Annoyed with other sites that consider an affordable watch to be hundreds or thousands of dollars in price.
  • Fed up with the pretentious snobbery of certain watch communities when you want to discuss affordable watches.

I think that there is a huge hole in the online watch world with a lack of space to discuss affordable watches in a meaningful genuine way.

I believe that…

  • There are great high quality watches available under $100.
  • Everyone that wants to get into watches should be welcome into the community regardless of budget.
  • There is a lot of bad information and marketing hype out in the online watch world that can lead into newcomers making a bad decision.

My goal is the provide:

  • The information you need to buy your first serious watch.
  • The best guides to affordable watches under $100.
  • Unbiased, honest, in-depth watch reviews for the best affordable watches.
  • A warming and welcoming community that is inclusive to all watch enthusiasts.

Who the heck am I?

If you haven’t figured it out, my name is Justin and I have become addicted to watches. My journey to the watch world started with my wife. Like always, she was quite correct in thinking that I would enjoy wearing a watch and ask me to pick one out for my birthday.

Before this, I had no real watch experience. My parents had bought me a Fossil in high school, but I had never really taken to wearing it regularly. I didn’t know where to begin.  MVMT was heavily marketed on many of the podcasts that I listened to. When I googled “affordable watch” it always came up. They looked nice, and part of me liked the whole disrupting the industry part of their marketing. I almost bought it.  Luckily, I was saved by Reddit’s r/watches community and learned MVMT and other fashion brands are generally just overpriced Chinese watches and there much better dollar for dollar alternatives out there.

For this first watch, I wanted something that was affordable.  My wife and I just had our first child and it would have pained me her waste a couple hundred dollars on a watch that I did wear.  At the same time, I still wanted a reputable watch brand that produced high quality at a great price point. In the end, I choose the Timex Weekender, and the addiction began.

There Are So Many Great Affordable Watch Options Under $100

During my research, I realized that there were so many great watches under $100, but these options were not really talked about. The problem is that when most sites talk about affordable watches, they are posting about watches in the $500+-$1000+ range. This is incredibility out of touch with what many everyday people can actually afford and sometimes are totally ignoring most of the watch wearing public to cater towards the ultra-luxury, ultra-wealthy consumer.


This site is supported by Amazon affiliate links.  When you click on the Amazon links on this site, I will get a small percentage of any of watch that you buy.  If you found this site useful for helping you decide on a watch, please buy the watch using my links.  Any money that I received will primarily go to pay for any overhead costs (hosting, domain, etc.) and buy more watches to review.  Just to be clear, I will never take compensation to provide a certain opinion about a watch.  I will only endorse a product that I feel are worthy of my endorsement and any sponsored posts will be clearly marked!

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