Orient Symphony Unboxing

I needed to get a watch to go with a black suit and the under $100 Orient Symphony checked off a lot of boxes. While I love the value the Seiko 5 line brings, Orient delivers a great entry-level automatic movement in a bigger 41mm case. I was very excited to get this watch over the weekend and hope to wear it alot in the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy my Orient Symphony Unboxing!

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Casio F-91W Unboxing

The Casio F-91W is legendary. For 25 years, this has been one of the world’s best selling watches year after year. It’s probably the most affordable watch on the planet starting around $10. It’s been ironically picture on both the wrists of Barack Obama and Osama Bin Ladin. As I am beginning to start the digital category of the blog, I knew that the F-91W had to be the first watch that I reviewed! I couldn’t resist anymore and ordered it over the weekend. Check out my Casio F-91W unboxing!

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Unboxing a Fullmosa Quick Release Watch Strap

Unboxing a Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Strap

Quick release straps are an easy way to adjust the style of your watch on the fly. There are mornings where I go from bed to out the door in 15 minutes. I don’t have time to use the traditional strap change method using a spring bar tool. I wanted to be able to swap in and out a black or brown leather strap for my Seiko SNK789, so I bought a new Fullmosa strap off Amazon this week. Read more to see my unboxing a Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Strap.

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