Automatic vs Quartz

Automatic vs Quartz: Why All the Cool Kids Own an Automatic Watch

One of the big considerations you need to make while buying a watch is what movement you want inside your watch. In case you don’t know what a movement is, I will go over the basics and all of the pros and cons of the Automatic vs Quartz debate. My best advice is if you want to be a serious watch collector, you should own an automatic watch, but not every watch you own needs to be an automatic.

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Military Watch Styles

Military Watch Styles Primer

Military watches have been the driving force behind many horological developments. Some historians attribute the idea for the wristwatch to Napoleon because of his irritation at having to constantly open his pocket watch, while others credit World War I for popularizing the wrist watch due to the need to coordinate movements in some battles by over a million troops by land, air, and sea. Today, there are many affordable options in different military watch styles.

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