Timex Weekender 40 Review

This is a very special review from me because not only is this the first affordable watch review for the site, but this is also the first watch in my collection and what got me to fall in love with affordable watches. My wife had let me choose a watch for my birthday and I selected a Timex Weekender 40 gift box. Enclosed was a Timex Weekender 40 with a blue dial, a blue nylon NATO strap, and a brown leather NATO strap for under $40. Subsequently, this watch has been a major part of my collection and is still on my wrist every week.

The Timex Weekender 40 is a military-inspired field watch and shows up on my Best Military Watches Under $100 guide. The Timex Weekender 40 is the oversized version of base 38mm Weekender. There are a couple of other different watches in the Weekender collection, including the Weekender Chronograph, Weekender Subsecond, and the minimalist Weekender Fairfield. I hope to get reviews up for those watches as well in the future, but this review is for the 40mm variant.

One of the reasons I choose Timex was the history it has in American watchmaking. With its roots in Waterbury, Connecticut, Timex started in 1854 as a clock manufacturer and grew into one of the biggest watch brands in the world. Timex has a rich history in focusing on high-quality affordable watches and the Weekender collection is no exception.

Timex Weekender 40 Specifications

WatchTimex Weekender 40
MovementTimex Quartz
Dial ColorWhite, Creme, Blue, Black
CaseBrass with Stainless Steel caseback
Case Width40 mm
Case ColorSilver, Sandblasted Titanium, Antique Chrome, Antique Brass,
Thickness9 mm
CrystalMineral Glass
Resistance30 m
BandMultiple Leather or Nylon options
Lug Width20 mm
Lowest Price This Year$21.59 (8/19/17)

When I first got it, this was my everyday watch and is still in my rotation. If you look at my shots from Instagram below, the 40mm looks great on my 6.5-inch wrist. It’s great, especially in casual settings. One of the things you notice is how light the watch actually is on your wrist. It’s super comfortable. If you look at my shots from Instagram below, the 40mm looks great on my 6.5-inch wrist.

Case & Dial

The dial of the Timex Weekender 40 is the big feature that won me over at first glance Like most Timex designs, it is clean and very easy to read. The dial has a full set of Arabic numerals on the outer portion of the dial and 24-hour military time on the inner portion. The Timex Weekender 40 also has a unique set of second indicators around the outside of the dial that is not present in the smaller 38mm version. The color scheme of my Weekender 40 with the blue dial with white numerals and silver hands creates a very good contrast.


The case is circular and made of brass with a stainless steel caseback. I would prefer the whole case to be made of stainless, but for the price, it is an understandable tradeoff. The version that I have has a polished silver finish that looks great and fits in the simple design theme of the rest of the watch.

The crystal is made of mineral glass which is not surprising at this price-point. While it does not have scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass found on a high-end watch, the glass is very flat which helps it avoid scratches.



The Timex Weekender 40 come with spring bars in place for NATO straps. The watch screams NATO, but you can put any 20mm strap you want on it.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjUYWdOwpLo”]


The set that I received came with a 20mm genuine brown leather and blue nylon NATO strap. Unfortunately, they aren’t great straps since the leather strap, in particular, wore out very quickly. I would not buy this watch for the strap. Like nearly all watches at this price point, you are going to want to order a replacement when you order the watch.



One of the other attractive things for about the Weekender 40 was the fact that all of Timex’s movements are made and designed in-house. Usually watches at this price point feature some cheap Chinese quartz movement.

The movement also has one of the most lauded features of Timex watches Indiglo lume. It is arguably the best lume feature of any watch. While most lume features only illuminate the hour indicators and hands, Timex’s Indiglo illuminates the entire dial. If you need to see in the dark, this is a great feature to have.

The downside to the movement is the very loud ticking. It’s incredibly loud. I imagine part of it might have to do with the brass case. If noise is something that bothers you, this not something for your nightstand while you try to go to sleep. Keep it in the other room. If noise is a dealbreaker for you, but like the Weekender design, you might want to consider the Weekender Chronograph, which has a much quieter movement.


Where to Buy the Timex Weekender 40

Timex Weekender 40 Summary

Pros: Clean, timeless design from a great American watch company. Tremendous value for its price.

Cons: Loud ticking, poor quality strap.

Conclusion: This is a great casual watch. You can’t do better than this for $30.

So what do you think? If you are interested in military watches, check out my complete guide to the Best Military Watches under $100. Please leave any question or comments below and remember to subscribe!

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